"Whom you consult, how soon and for what purpose will dramatically                                              influence the outcome of your project"


Consultation is primarily a program of guidance and can be effective when evaluating the capablitlties of various designers and thier ability to provide immediate resolutions and solutions. it is an honest, open association which encourages all parties to express their feelings, concerns and opinions.


This is available on an hourly fee basis, no purchase is nessessary.

interior design programs

In design, various phases will become necessary to complement the overall design plans. Those phases or specifications will be proposed on written contracts for your consideration. Design programs are as followed:


  • Establishment of interior concepts, themes and general geography

  • Exterior design and specifications- building or remodeling

  • Evevation study, custom built-in and cabinetry design, amenity research

  • Furniture layouts, space planning and specifications

  • Installation, warehouse delivery

  • Drafting services


lighting design programs

Lighting is the catalyst to creating the ambience that will trigger positive, emotional impact, dramatically enhance the structure, punctulate landscape design. Lighting programs are as followed:


  • Lighting Concept

  • Lighting Layout

  • Switching details

  • Lighting specifications